Hello 👋🏿
It’s very ironic that as a product designer, I’m expected to sell myself to others as if I’m a product. Whether it's in a portfolio, in an interview, or at a conference in one of these million dollar buildings that overlook the bay area, I’m expected to treat myself and others as commodities rather than as actual people. No one is a product. I've lost all care to participate in these compassionless, non empathetic systems that I had no say in establishing.
What I do care about is finding a balance with the environment that we live in. I care about the single mothers in Atlanta who are stuggling to take care of their kids. I care about the college students who are constantly battling with depression. I care about the biases that are deeply rooted in our political & tech sectors. I care about the influence that capitalism has on literally every aspect of our lives & how it conditions us to be apathetically self centered, idolize money, & ok with a lifestyle that is never to our true benefit.
I care about solving these and many more complex issues, right now, because our society has the ability to do so. If you share similar sentiments I’d love to chat with you.