My Summer at Uber
While I can not disclose the details of all of the projects that I worked on during my internship, I can say that I was apart of the New Modalities team and designed products on both the consumer and maintenance side of the marketplace. I collaborated with designers, engineers & pm's to create the Uber e-Scooter experience (launch date : September 2018), but primarily designed Jump Ops tools for the drivers and mechanics who maintain Jump Bikes (launch date : July 2018).
Date   May - July 2018
Team   New Modalities
Jump Ops Driver Tool
This iOS tool aims to improve Jump bike's warehouse efficiency and driver experience. This tool allows drivers to locate & recieve navigation to broken bikes, drop off zones & bike hubs in a given market.
Project Milestones
1. Took the product from 0:1 in about 6 weeks
2. Gained user empathy by conducting user interviews, ride alongs and completing user's daily tasks
3. Incorporated driver's in each stage of my design process through various usabilty test
4. Worked collaboratively with product, design, ops, data science and engineering teams to quickly launch this product
5. Led the design of this tool
What I Learned
My time at Uber was amazing. I really value how much freedom and control I was given as intern. My biggest takeaway from this experience was learning how to effectively collaborate with a team of engineers, project managers, data scientist, ux researchers and other designers. Overall, the designers on my team shaped me into a better designer by helping me grow in both areas of strength and weakness.
Feel free to view an article that I wrote titled, "5 Tips to get the most out of your product design internship" based on my Uber internship experience, here.
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